Ray Davies of Kinks in town …Ray Davies of former Kinks came to town Sunday……… doing a concert at Grieghallen. At that same evening Kjersti and Erik had agreed to do some vocal recordings at Eric’s studio,  and she called him early that same day and said she had forgotten that the concert was this same evening.  Ok, so we just postponed the recordings to some other evening.

Here is what happened next :
Kjersti and Livio drove into town already sometime between 3 and 4 o clock. Kjersti had planned that maybe – if she had the chance to see Davies before he entered the doors to Grieghallen, she would run over and ask for his autograph !  She had even brought her guitar along, thinking maybe he would  sign that!

Well, she waited for some time outside the entrance looking rather anxious at every car coming into the parking lot. Some cars came , and some drove away, but no, he was not to be seen among those stepping out of any car. It appeared to her that perhaps he might use a different entrance on another part of the building. Damned !

Starting to feel uneasy, and looking around, there was another car coming with someone she thought might be some workers at the place. The car stopped and she just took a quick glance at those ‘workers’ but……..wasn’t that…..could it be…..YES it was !  One of the guys was Ray Davies, and she stormed forward forgetting everything around her, making a rather unexpected scene. “ Hi, I’m Kjersti” !  “Could I please have your autograph, and would you write it here on my guitar”?  Looking slightly surprised Davies answered “ Of course, what was your name again”? *Kjersti”! K  j  e  r  s  t  i. “Ok”! And he then took the ink pen and with a great schwung wrote ‘From Ray Davies to Kjersti’.  “Thank you very much “ she said thrilled by this incident and that the autograph was ‘in box’. “And now I want to give you this” she went on, handing him a CD by Paynbird. “Oh, are you in a band”? “Are you playing somewhere tonight”? he said.  “Well yes, I am in the band, but this evening I am going to listen to your gig” Kjersti answered.

“Well then, thank you, and I hope you will enjoy the consert ” Davies replied.  “I sure will” she said. Ah, great….. everything had worked out according to the plan, and as it was still some hours until the gig started, she and Livio walked a while around town and spent some time having a meal at a downtown restaurant looking forward to the concert.

Well, at home as I was a sitting there alone I must admit I was  a bit ….eh…dear I say – envious? but instead I went to the kitchen made me a good cup of tea, like any decent Englishman, (“can you hear me Ray?”) Then I found some old Kinks stuff, LPs and CD, put it in the player and yes…. had a jolly good time sipping my cup of Earl Grey Tea.

– Erik Olaus

Check out the wonderful video made by Kim Andre Kårdal, Eivind Johansen and Simen Søvik for Blackmoon Magazine Thank you guys!

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